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Limited Edition Prints

Greeting Cards



Reflections on Lake Sonoma

"Reflextions on Lake Sonoma"
x 10.5"  Original SOLD Acrylic on ClaybordTM


Road to the Farm

"Road to the Farm"
" x 10.5" 
Original SOLD Acrylic on ClaybordTM

"Cherry Blossom Bloom"





 "Cherry Blosssom Bloom"
"16 x 12"
Original  SOLD  Acrylic on ClaybordTM

"Golden Gate Vista"
16" x 12"  Original  SOLD Acrylic on ClaybordTM




Mt. Tam in Springtime





"Mt. Tam Spring"
16" x 20" Original   SOLD  Acrylic on ClaybordTM
14" x 18"
Original AVAILABLE Acrylic on ClaybordTM

     Old Vines at Sunset     


"Old Vines at Sunset"
  14" x 18" 
Original  SOLD  Acrylic on ClaybordTM

"White Egret in Delta"
16" x 20"  Original SOLD Acrylic on ClaybordTM






View from Tiburon

"White Egret in Wetlands"
16" x 20"  Original SOLD Acrylic on ClaybordTM

"View from Tiburon"
20" x 16" Original SOLD Acrylic on ClaybordTM


   Coastal Pines at Sunset

"Coastal Pines at Sunset"
14" x 18" 
Original SOLD Acrylic on ClaybordTM 

"Sunset on Lake Sonoma"
14" x 18" 
Original  SOLD  Acrylic on ClaybordTM


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