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Cliff Poppies

 Baker Beach GG Bridge LG
"Baker Beach at Golden Gate 3"
Diptych 32" x 20" Original  SOLD Acrylic on ClaybordTM 



"Rainbow Tunnel"

"Rainbow Tunnel"
" x 36" Original AVAILABLE Acrylic on ClaybordTM




"Cliff Poppies"
" x 12" OriginaSOLD Acrylic on ClaybordTM

"Cypress and Rockrose in Sunset"
19" x 22" 
OriginaSOLDAcrylic on ClaybordTM


"Coastal Pine on Moonlit Bluff"
20" x 16" Origina SOLD  A crylic on ClaybordTM

"Mt. Tam in Fog"
20" x 16" Origina SOLD Acrylic on ClaybordTM


 Teague Bay
"Teague Bay"
48" x  36" Original SOLD Acrylic on ClaybordTM


"Birds in Headlands Sunset"
36" x 24" Original SOLD Acrylic on ClaybordTM

 Sunset through the Rocks
"Sunset through the Rocks"
20" x 16" Origina AVAILABLE Acrylic on ClaybordTM

"Stinson Sunset"
15 1/2" x 22 3/8" Original SOLD Acrylic on ClaybordTM


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